Monday, December 29, 2008

School Holiday day 2

Wake up early, check out from our hotel and drove to Bukit Larut. To our disappointment the land-rover ride ticket sold out... hampeehhhh.....Below the Landrover that ferry tourist up the hill.

How I wish KL road is filled with this kind of trees. I will cycle every day to work under the shade.

So we all decided to drive to Grik the place where my wife used to live. Upon having our tea break we decide to drive to Pengkalan Hulu (kroh).

After check in we decided to go to the Duty Free complex after the immigration check point.

Pengkalan Hulu famous lake where it get the name from (kroh). The function of the lake is to bath elephant.

After Dinner we watch a friendly football match Projet FC against KBTM. Projet FC won 2-0. Below my son watching the match.

A nice picture I capture on the way back to KL. This would be a nice touring route Kuala Kangsar to Betong (Thailand).

Congratulation Nurainina Aiman

Congratulation !!!!!!!
For your 8A's in your PMR exams. Very proud of you....

School Holiday day 1

It's the time of the year again.. You guest it school holidays.... So here should we go.. wait.. no plan..
So the family decide where to go later.
Driving along the south-east highway we decided to stop by Kuala Kangsar. Had our lunch at Sungai Perak menu laksa..

The jetty at sungai Perak.

SkyHawk park in town......

After we had our fill we decided to stay at Taiping for the night.

Dinner at Taiping. The famous Taiping Yong Tau Foo.
Coming up day 2....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cycle with family at DUKE

This time the mother is not joining us... instead three eager young man decided to follow us cycling.
We start at 08:30am entering the DUKE via Setiawangsa interchange. Upon reaching the interchange there are a group of cyclist there. We cycle up to Tasik Titiwangsa and back finish at 10am.

Group photo.

Family Outing.

Well we went out for bowling and a game of archery at Bukit Tinggi.

The score by my Son. Below my normal standard.

The place we had our lunch. Me a Johorean first time here.

The hungry son with a big smile... why? He beat his brother in bowling ....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Single speed project.

Bad news.. my single speed project is put on hold. Today my son friend came to repair his bike. The challenge are the bike uses 600cc tyres and the rear rim is busted. So I gave him both my 700cc rims.The 600cc old rims. Could not find any bicycle shop that sell the tires and rims any more.

The crank setup and the single speed freewheel. (note the derailleur is not remove requested by owner)

The completed bike. Plus the proud owner.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Cycle friday

Well Bro Azizan you got one follower here. One thing bother me thou 'JERIT' this group of so call cyclist is drawing bad attention to us true cyclist. No more peaceful group night ride for us in town. The police will be spying us thinking that we are protester.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sabah Past Attorney Generals Datuk Mohd Yusof Bin Abdul Rashid 1971 - 1976

My Late Father Sabah Past Attorney Generals. I google and found this site and my late father picture. It's a pity he never had the chance to meet his grandchildren. He pass away at a young age of 47. I post this so that his grandchildren, great grandchild etc will always remember him and 'sedekah surah alfatihah' always....

1st Night cycling session with my family.

So at last I manage to get a bicycle saddle suitable for my beloved wife. I got it for RM30 and worth every last sen. Last night I replace the old saddle and we are ready for the first night cycling session.
My wife, my daughter, me and my two sons started at 8.30pm, our plan is to cycle all the way to the newly build DUKE highway but upon reaching JUSCO AU2 my beloved wife decided to abandon the earlier plan due to fitness issue. So we cycle around the neighborhood 3km with a dinner break at Warong Cinta. (why it call the Warong Cinta is another story to be told). After dinner we decided to cycle somemore to burn the calories. We cycle about 2km more before calling a quit. So there is the first session and I hope is not the last one.
Saddle review - very large and very comfortable with spring, no more sore bottom. My wife love it .Picture of saddle will be loaded tomorrow. ( I left my phone home).
Need to upgrade my old steel MTB. Need new v-brakes, saddle, tires and lights.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cycling and fishing....???

Here we go another Saturday Morning... translate to cycling time. This time we cycle and fishing (menjala). The geng Bro Dzul , Bro Zack and me. We start at 08.00am from my house and cycle to Kemensah. Along the way Bro Dzul got a flat. While changing the tube Bro Zack manage to kidnap a kitten (he said to replace to long gone Tompok). Cycling with a kitten in the bag pack we stop for the usual breakfast at our normal stall. Finally we reach our favourite fishing spot and Bro Zack whip out his newly acquired jala. What we got today 4 fish and a kitten.........

Top Our favorite stop for swimming in
Bro Zack with the
custom made jala size S for small stream.

The small fish that we caught. The big one we let go.... :)

Human distruction

Foto of Bukit Antarabangsa land slide. Notice the water flowing, maybe this is the famous missing stream. (foto from Bro Yusof HP)

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well about kenjutsu. I learn this art from Master Mohd Shukri. He is also an archer. I love to collect sword and knife so the other best thing to do is to learn to use them. To learn silat and other fighting art is quite difficult due to age reason. Kenjutsu is a sword fighting art, so not much movement like kicking and boxing. The sword it self will dither your opponents. We train using bokken (wooden sword).

My choice of weapon.

How I wish light saber is real, my sons star Wars light sabers.

Below my Katana.

First entry

Panahsakti is my handle archery , kenjutsu and cycling is my thing. Not a good writer but what harm in trying. How I started archery? It is way back in the 90's when Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli decided to donate some of his riches to the working staffs. Back then RM38k is a lot for a worker of rm1k salary. The money is use to buy me a pse beginner compound bow set and that is where the hobby started.
The problem that time was I don't know how to shoot a bow. I had to learn by reading books and the good old internet forums. Slowly I started to try out my new bow. 50# is quite heavy for a beginner like me. With time and training I manage to shoot without missing the target.... Today I could also coach. Next kenjutsu.......

Picture from Left Bro Dzul, Bro Zack , Me and Bro Zul Fitri. 1st 2D/3D Archery Championship.