Monday, December 15, 2008

1st Night cycling session with my family.

So at last I manage to get a bicycle saddle suitable for my beloved wife. I got it for RM30 and worth every last sen. Last night I replace the old saddle and we are ready for the first night cycling session.
My wife, my daughter, me and my two sons started at 8.30pm, our plan is to cycle all the way to the newly build DUKE highway but upon reaching JUSCO AU2 my beloved wife decided to abandon the earlier plan due to fitness issue. So we cycle around the neighborhood 3km with a dinner break at Warong Cinta. (why it call the Warong Cinta is another story to be told). After dinner we decided to cycle somemore to burn the calories. We cycle about 2km more before calling a quit. So there is the first session and I hope is not the last one.
Saddle review - very large and very comfortable with spring, no more sore bottom. My wife love it .Picture of saddle will be loaded tomorrow. ( I left my phone home).
Need to upgrade my old steel MTB. Need new v-brakes, saddle, tires and lights.


azizan fixie said...

A truly lead by example! Hope more families in your neighbourhood will follow your family footsteps:-)

Panahsakti said...

Thanks for your kind words. I am currently promoting cycling to the younger folks here, they are very eager to cycle.