Monday, December 29, 2008

School Holiday day 2

Wake up early, check out from our hotel and drove to Bukit Larut. To our disappointment the land-rover ride ticket sold out... hampeehhhh.....Below the Landrover that ferry tourist up the hill.

How I wish KL road is filled with this kind of trees. I will cycle every day to work under the shade.

So we all decided to drive to Grik the place where my wife used to live. Upon having our tea break we decide to drive to Pengkalan Hulu (kroh).

After check in we decided to go to the Duty Free complex after the immigration check point.

Pengkalan Hulu famous lake where it get the name from (kroh). The function of the lake is to bath elephant.

After Dinner we watch a friendly football match Projet FC against KBTM. Projet FC won 2-0. Below my son watching the match.

A nice picture I capture on the way back to KL. This would be a nice touring route Kuala Kangsar to Betong (Thailand).

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