Thursday, December 11, 2008

First entry

Panahsakti is my handle archery , kenjutsu and cycling is my thing. Not a good writer but what harm in trying. How I started archery? It is way back in the 90's when Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli decided to donate some of his riches to the working staffs. Back then RM38k is a lot for a worker of rm1k salary. The money is use to buy me a pse beginner compound bow set and that is where the hobby started.
The problem that time was I don't know how to shoot a bow. I had to learn by reading books and the good old internet forums. Slowly I started to try out my new bow. 50# is quite heavy for a beginner like me. With time and training I manage to shoot without missing the target.... Today I could also coach. Next kenjutsu.......

Picture from Left Bro Dzul, Bro Zack , Me and Bro Zul Fitri. 1st 2D/3D Archery Championship.

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