Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cycle with family at DUKE

This time the mother is not joining us... instead three eager young man decided to follow us cycling.
We start at 08:30am entering the DUKE via Setiawangsa interchange. Upon reaching the interchange there are a group of cyclist there. We cycle up to Tasik Titiwangsa and back finish at 10am.

Group photo.


azizan fixie said...

Hey it's a great family ride I guess. How far is the ride? Been thinking to organise The Breakfast Mass Ride in Shah Alam on monthly basis on 2nd sunday of the month? Target for newbies and families.

Panahsakti said...

That's great I will build up my family mileage slowly and we will support any family ride organize by you. (ride around 10km only)

azizan fixie said...

Kalau nak ambik angin s.Alam datang la. Kayuhan sulung 18Jan ni. 20km je. U could also initiate one at your area.