Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend cycling with family

Not much to do this weekend. My daughter is away on a school trip. So four of us had our breakfast and drive to Kepong where people play kites. After a while we all decide to cycle there in the evening. After fetching my daughter we drove to Kepong. Unpack our bikes and rode around the track.
One thing I dislike about this place, the bicycle lane is use by motorcycle.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sleep apnea.

I was diagnose with sleep apnea last year. For all to know below is the extract from the web.

Obstructive sleep apnea Definition

Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition in which a person has episodes of stopped breathing during sleep.


Normally, the muscles of the upper part of the throat help keep the airway open and allow air to flow into the lungs. Even though these muscles usually relax during sleep, the upper throat remains open enough to let air pass by.

However, some people have a narrower throat area, and, during sleep, relaxation of the muscles causes the passage to completely close. This prevents air from getting into the lungs. Loud snoring and labored breathing occur. During deep sleep, breathing can stop for a short period of time (often more than 10 seconds). This is called apnea.

An apnea episode is followed by a sudden attempt to breathe, and a change to a lighter stage of sleep. The result is fragmented sleep that is not restful, leading to excessive daytime drowsiness.


It is important to emphasize that, often, the person who has obstructive sleep apnea does not remember the episodes of apnea during the night. The main symptoms are usually associated with excessive daytime sleepiness due to poor sleep during the night. Often, family members, especially spouses, witness the periods of no breathing.

A person with obstructive sleep apnea usually snores heavily soon after falling asleep. The snoring continues at a regular pace for a period of time, often becoming louder, but is then interrupted by a long silent period during which there is no breathing. This is followed by a loud snort and gasp, and the snoring returns. This pattern repeats frequently throughout the night.

Symptoms that may be observed include:

* Abnormal daytime sleepiness, including falling asleep at inappropriate times - not me I always a fighter. Fight to keep awake at work. At home could not help myself.
* Awakening unrefreshed in the morning - every time, poor me.
* Depression (possibly) - Sometimes, forgive me my poor wife
* Episodes of no breathing (apnea)
* Lethargy
* Loud snoring - Cause my wife sleepiness nights. I also suffer when she wake me up every time I snore.
* Memory difficulties - Sometimes.
* Morning headaches - Regularly.
* Personality changes - This the part where my wife thinks I don't love her anymore.
* Poor concentration - Effect my application programming skills.
* Restless sleep - always.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Well Sam, your inquiries regarding kenjutsu bring me up to write a thing or two regarding this ancient art of sword fighting. Please bare in mind this is what I think. In any martial art human takes years to perfect the skills. The art of swift movement is key to success. Practice walking kenjutsu style follow by the way to swing the sword. In kenjutsu we seldom block the opponent sword but we normally deflect the blade away. Destroy your sword and your life will be over.
Sparing using the bokken is quite dangerous especially when we are using full speed and force. I would recommend trying 'Chanbara' do a search in the web regarding chanbara it will greatly help to refine your martial ability. What we lack (power) we can replace by using speed.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend with the family

What? Our washing machine broke down... This is a major crisis... need drastic measure... So we could not wash so we went for a holiday. We decided to stay at Pantai Indah apartment I cost us RM120 pernight a good bargain for a 3 room apartment.

That night we all agreed to have seafood dinner. Saw Mama seafood but we all decide on Papa Seafood. A nice clean place just a few kilometers from Pekan Kapar.

Wake up early next day and as usual both my son and daughter went to the pool. Before breakfast we drove to Pantai Remis and saw a couple Mak Chik and Pak Chik catching fish (menjala). As usual we all busybody investigate how must fish they caught.

They caught this big crab. My Son had a fencing match with it.

After Breakfast my wife bought some kerang and she want to go fishing. So fishing we go.
No luck 2 fish escape us that day. So back to KL we go....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

MAGERAN - Majlis Gerakan Negara 1970

Well, trip to Memorial Tun Abdul Razak made me aware that my late father was a part of Malaysian history. He was the member of MAGERAN Majlis Gerakan Negara in 1970 where Tun Abdul Razak was the PM then. At that time my father was 'Penggubal Undang-undang Parliment'(Not sure of the info) . My family is very excited that their 'Datuk' is part of history. I once saw this picture at my Mom house in JB. Maybe I will do some research on my Late father accomplishment and I will post here for all my family to see. Got to bring my scanner back to JB to capture all the old picture of my late father.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New family members

Well our old cat Nutron is somewhere up in the sky but he did leave behind his two sons Beckam and Balack. Same as their father the two love to attack my smelly sock and drag it under my sofa.

Labour Day holiday.

Miss my mom. So we all decided to 'Balik Kampung'. Thu night we drove back to JB. To avoid traffic jam we try the new highway to KLIA exit after Nilai. There was a bad accident 2.5km before Skudai Toll. Switch off the engine and wait about 45min before continue with our journey.
Saturday night I promise my sister children some activity at Danga Bay. So took them cycling need to burn some calories could not resist my mother cooking.

A lot of happy faces that night. Cause me RM75 for two buggy but the smile worth every sen.