Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend with the family

What? Our washing machine broke down... This is a major crisis... need drastic measure... So we could not wash so we went for a holiday. We decided to stay at Pantai Indah apartment I cost us RM120 pernight a good bargain for a 3 room apartment.

That night we all agreed to have seafood dinner. Saw Mama seafood but we all decide on Papa Seafood. A nice clean place just a few kilometers from Pekan Kapar.

Wake up early next day and as usual both my son and daughter went to the pool. Before breakfast we drove to Pantai Remis and saw a couple Mak Chik and Pak Chik catching fish (menjala). As usual we all busybody investigate how must fish they caught.

They caught this big crab. My Son had a fencing match with it.

After Breakfast my wife bought some kerang and she want to go fishing. So fishing we go.
No luck 2 fish escape us that day. So back to KL we go....

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