Sunday, May 10, 2009

MAGERAN - Majlis Gerakan Negara 1970

Well, trip to Memorial Tun Abdul Razak made me aware that my late father was a part of Malaysian history. He was the member of MAGERAN Majlis Gerakan Negara in 1970 where Tun Abdul Razak was the PM then. At that time my father was 'Penggubal Undang-undang Parliment'(Not sure of the info) . My family is very excited that their 'Datuk' is part of history. I once saw this picture at my Mom house in JB. Maybe I will do some research on my Late father accomplishment and I will post here for all my family to see. Got to bring my scanner back to JB to capture all the old picture of my late father.


Sam said...

Hi Panahsakti,

I read a blog of yours that you practice kenjutsu in Malaysia. I am very interested to start but couldn't find a bonafide sensei. Can you direct me?

Panahsakti said...

Hi Sam,

Normally it is quite difficult to find a sensei that teaches kenjutsu. My sensei is retire and not teaching new student any more. Currently all his 10 student is practicing iato cause we completed our kenjutsu discipline.

Sam said...

I have been searching for quite some time now and I have made some personal progress on my own. Would it be ok if you ask him if I can perhaps contact him and maybe convince him to make an exception? I am very passionate about it and can be self-sufficient in practice and will take as few lessons as comfortable for him.

Sam said...

I mean have made progress in kenjutsu through videos and instruction from my old country. I have made no progress at all in finding a sensei here despite searching for many many months. I don't even have a lead so I would really appreciate it if you can help me in some way.

Panahsakti said...

Learning on your own is ok but you need someone to do some sparing to improve your self especially on your timing and speed. You can contact my
friend M Fauzi Attan email He still practice kenjutsu and Iato maybe he can help you. If learning archery yes i can coach.

Shiv Agra said...

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