Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Archery weekend

No cycling this pass 2 weeks due to rain and not feeling that well. Request by an archer to coach her shooting new Hoyt RM11k compound bow set. So this week I had a job to coach a new student.
1st job is to build self confidence for her to pull a +-40pound bow. Teach her how to use a mechanical release and how to shoot at the target butt. The first time she try to shoot the bow is a nightmare for her. She accidentally trigger the release and misses the target and the bow string hit her in the arm. So my job is to make sure the string did not hit her arm again. The list of technique to teach.
1. Change the stance from close to open stance.
2. Change the release to hand strap so that she got more confidence to draw the bow.
3. Let her decide when to release, no pressure from me.

Well she miss a few more time but the string did not hit her arm like before. After trying the bow and I also miss the target butt I realize that the bow is not set-up properly. After some adjustment she manage to hit the target and she have more confidence to draw the bow.
continue next week more on shooting form.......

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