Monday, March 23, 2009

Archery or Cycling?

What do I prefer? Archery or Cycling? Well I love to do both but my strongest point is Archery, yes I could build my own bicycle from scratch. I could also dismantle my compound bow and put it together within 1/2 hours plus tuning. I also can coach archery. So which one? The thing I love about cycling that I could travel to the place normal people does not go, swim in unpolluted streams and breath the sweet smell of fresh air no pressure at all. Saturday after a few weeks without cycling 4 of us Bro Jinggo, Bro Zack, Bro Dzul and me decided to cycle to Samy's new bicycle shop. The ride clock 45km for me. On the way back I decide to break away from the group and cycle back home alone.

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