Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sleep apnea my solution

Finally I found a device that can help prevent sleep apnea. The device is Somnoguard AP cheaper than CAP and can last about 2 years. Bought it at RM780. What changes? Well...
1. Wife sleep better cause no more me snoring.
2. Wake-up fresh no more headache.
3. Blood pressure normal (for my age).
4. Happier wife due to less mood change (me).
5. Less MC.

But I still need to have sleep test to insure that the device really works.

How does SomnoGuard AP® work? Like the classic SomnoGuard®, the new SomnoGuard AP® appliance greatly reduces or stops snoring entirely by moving your lower jaw slightly forward. The upper and lower trays are individually fitted to your teeth, and then you can precisely set the degree of advancement. The tightly-fitted appliance keeps the tongue away from the soft palate and opens the airway. This prevents the vibration that causes snoring.

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