Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cycling up Bukit Dinding

Well this Saturday is a training day. Why three of us decided to cycle up Bukit Dinding. So three 40++ year old guys doing hard time cycling up the killer hill, 3km of pain. We saw three young man trying to cycle up with the high-end MTB. As a true gentlemen we let them pass. At half way point we saw the team resting. We stop three time and the third time a Mak Salleh cycle pass us.. We manage to reach the top and chat with the English gentlemen. The three young man is no where to be seen. I guess they decided not to continue.

The shaded road up Bukit Dinding.

The check point Telekom Malaysia Tower.
Our nasi lemak break on the way down.

The small waterfall where we clean our hands.

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Man CIOCC said...

Salam, kat mana Bukit Dinding? Boleh tunjuk route gogle?